For that “just refactored fresh” feeling

Need breath fresher than tomorrow’s new JavaScript framework? Pop a Deploymint. Because sometimes it’s okay to ship a code smell. It’s never okay to ship a breath smell.

Buy me some freshness

Five nines of freshness


Minty Fresh

That’s right. It’s fresh, and it’s minty. It’s minty fresh. A true greenfield project, with fields of mint as far as the eye can see.


Rubber duck

You can talk up a deploy-mint all you like. Unlike your kids, they’ll never talk back. But, also unlike your kids, they just might help you ship that side project.


No code

The only bug-free code is the code that doesn’t exist. That’s why each deploy-mint has been carefully engineered to produce zero code.


Taste Driven Development

TDD is not dead. Long live Taste Driven Development. Let the mint on your tongue fuel the fire in your eyes and the feels in your fingers.


Ultimate pair programming partner

When you share a keyboard, you share the same air. Make sure it’s deploy-mints fresh. When you’re coding solo, pick a tasty partner who’ll never let you down.


Clean code, the missing chapter

They made us SOLID. They left us DRY. But they forgot Chapter Zero: The road to clean code is paved with with clean breath mints. At least it should be.

Your mug. With minty fresh hot chocolate in it.

It’s 11:47 PM on a Friday night and you’re stuck in the war room. You’ve narrowed the bug down down to an out-of-the-way microservice and an obscure block of code emitting a particularly offensive potpourri of code smells. You’ll settle for a quick patch tonight, but come Monday, it’s time for some refactoring.

Think of your team as a high-functioning Kubernetes cluster. You’re an indispensable kubelet, and this handsome mug… is your sidecar. Sip, sip, vrooooom!

What’s your legacy?

Code’s only part of it

“Legacy code” has something of a bad rap. Some say it’s code without tests. Others insist that legacy code is old code, even if it’s two minutes old, code you just merged to master.

Quality matters, but a personal legacy goes way beyond code. Long after we’ve moved on, our functions rewritten, tests broken then amended… it’s the people that will never forget how you made them feel. Or how your breath smelled. Smells are oh. so. visceral!

Preserve the legacy

noob code — boss breath

You the new kid? Let’s see… You’re on a site featuring mints for Devs and Ops people, so I’d bet that 1. You love your job, and 2. You’re pretty darn good at it. All you need is a little experience.

First you become the underpaid over-engineering super-abstractor — no task too small for the Visitor and Builder patterns. Slowly, reluctantly, shyly… comes the pragmatism.

Yes, you can’t buy experience. A DeployMints tin, however, you can definitely buy. And I say that as a mere humble Observer in an old Abstract mint Factory.

Fresh Perspective

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Over-the-top testimonials

By totally real and uniquely distinct people… Yeah…😉

I spend all day preparing for and changing the future by breaking the present. It’s pretty awesome. I’ve seen the carnage caused by a bad deploy, and I’ve seen the meetings and even the dates that go south due to rank coffee breath. The worst part? It was all preventable. Pop a Deploymint, people.

Chaos Engineer

Chaos Engineer

Undisclosed Unlimited

Some people seem like they’re always on a quest to win the award for ‘Smartest Person’ in the Room. I find that to be a misguided and sisyphean goal. That’s why I shoot for ‘Best Breath’ instead. Still a little subjective, but much easier to measure!😃 Thanks DeployMints!

Clean Code Lover

Clean Code Lover

Spiffy Code Inc

My day job is a software engineer, but I’m all DevOps at heart. At the end of the day, it’s all about breaking barriers, bringing people together… If there’s one thing I learned early on: If you’ve got bad breath, you’re bringing no one together. DeployMints, am I right?

DevOps Enthusiast

DevOps Enthusiast

Confidential Silos